Over Stimulated.


July 6, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

And under saturated.

Happy Fried Chicken Day!

July 06 – Fried Chicken Day


Yesterday was a lot.

I ate too much.

So this fried chicken for breakfast is going to be a great plan.

Coffee with the Blacksmith was great. We talked about all our work and how much we don’t like being around people.

Work was good. I ran some errands and fed the critters out at the ranch.

Then it was back home to work on my bangers-n-mash.

Food prep completed, we headed over for an afternoon with the boys and an English feast for dinner.

I took a quick break from dinner hangouts to go run through this wedding that I’m performing this morning.

Rehearsal was great and then it was back to eating way too much.

The nice part of dinner with the boys was that I had some quiet time to sit and read. I read the whole first volume of the Hero by David Rubin and half of the second volume.

It’s so fucking good.

I’m hoping to finish the second volume and get started on this giant stack of single issues today or tomorrow.

My goal is to not have a fuckload of single issues to take with me to the wedding in Maine at the end of the month.

I like goals.

I also like coffee.

I think I’ll go have some more before I have to go people all day.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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