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July 5, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

Everyone but me, that is.

Happy Bikini Day!

July 05 – Bikini Day

Jitterbug made me wrap that giant flag around my waist so as to not scar the entire innernet.

Apparently that bikini bottom was “obscene”.

Yesterday was a hot mess.

As in it was hot and I made a lot of messes.

I took my time getting moving, but once I started, it just kept accelerating.

I ran out to the ranch and worked on odd jobs out there until Jitterbug got off work.

Then she and I grouted the tile in the basement for a while.

Until we picked up the kiddos and had dinner.

Then we headed downtown for fireworks.

We all know how much I love crowds and a lot of noise.

Then it was bedtime.

Because I have to work today.

I’m about to go meet the Blacksmith for coffee before heading out to the ranch.

Then I have to run home and whip up my mise en place for dinner with the Boys this evening.

I’ll have to take a break from dinner festivities at some point and head over to the rehearsal for the wedding I’m performing tomorrow.

Jitterbug has our social docket filled for most of tomorrow, so I more than likely won’t get to work on the basement again until Sunday.

Unless we squeeze some stuff in before that wedding in the morning.

But I’m not gonna kill myself to get that shit done. I’ve got a lot of peopling to do today and tomorrow and I don’t feel like over exerting my brain more than I already will be.


I’m going to go get ready for antisocial coffee time with the Blacksmith.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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