Doing It All By Yourself.


August 13, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

Double handedly.

Happy Left-Hander’s Day!

August 13 – Left-Hander’s Day

Here’s to all of you people forced into being ambidextrous simply because right-handed people make everything for right-handed people.

Feel free to offer your left-handed scissors or can opener to your single-handed friends and coworkers without feeling any shame.

Indulge in a left-handed cigarette or two to take the edge off after a hard day at work.

Because it is your day.

Yesterday was a fucking Monday.

From the time I got up, at 5:15am, until the time I went to bed, whenever that was.

It wasn’t bad.

It was just busy.

And people were in a shit mood.

Like every single person.

And I spent the whole day doing things outdoors, getting really sweaty, and then going inside just long enough to cool/dry off before having to go right back out into it and do it all over again.

On a happy note, I wasn’t nearly as nauseated as I have been.

Like on a scale of one to please-cod-let-me-throw-it-all-up, I’ve been at a I-could-probably-throw-up-if-I-tried-and-would-most-likely-feel-a-lot-better for the past few days.

Yesterday I was firmly in the is-that-nausea-no-that’s-just-a-painful-bean-burrito-fart camp.

I even almost got to nap.

I got to rest my eyes for a little while Jitterbug and I snuggled at lunch time.

But then it was back to the hot and sweaty outside world.

Today is looking to be cooler and possibly rain.

And I don’t have nearly as much on my list yet.

Maybe if I get done early enough I squeeze a nap in during the rain.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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