Feeling Like Instant Mashed Potatoes.


August 22, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

That have been poured into a beat up old tube sock.

And being pretty okay about it.

I’d like to begin this morning by wishing a very Happy Birthday to Momma Wombat, Taco Planet, and Operation B. Be sure to wish to them all a happy one.

Also, Happy Eat a Peach Day!

August 22 – Eat a Peach Day

Isn’t that a gorgeous peach?!


Yesterday was a helluva day.

I ran all the errands.

I bought a shitload of comics.

Cod it felt good to get a huge stack of single issues to read.

Like I had been constipated for two weeks and I finally had a healthy bowel movement.

Jitterbug and I got to have dinner with my siblings last night while the kiddos were doing church kid stuff.

I think mostly they were just running around outside.

And then it was miraculously bedtime.

Everybody but me was in bed and asleep by 9:15pm.

It’s crazy talk when I’m the last one up.

I wasn’t up too much later than that though.

Because I’ve got all the crazy today.

With my luck it’ll actually rain like it’s supposed to.

Unlike all the times it was supposed to have rained and cooled everything down in the past few weeks.

Now that I have shit to do it’s gonna pour all day.

Fingers crossed.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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