“Insane In the Maine-brain.”


August 1, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

Or “You Can’t Teach an Old Flare Gun New Tricks.”

I’m back.


While I was away Teacher Sis and Harry Potter had birthdays.

I hope they were good ones.

Speaking of birthdays, today is Pancake Land’s. I hope she has a good one as well. Be sure to wish all three a Happy Birthday today.

We’ve also had a week full of holidays we need to catch up on.

I left town as Hammock Day was just warming up…

July 22 – Hammock Day

And of course I had to start travelling on a big family week.

I mean, that was pretty much the theme of the week I was having, so I guess it made sense.

Anyway, the first of the family holidays was Gorgeous Grandma Day…

July 23 – Gorgeous Grandma Day

My Nanny was so beautiful.

The second family holiday came fast on the heels of the first. We celebrated Cousins Day…

July 24 – Cousins Day

We followed that up with a non-family holiday, Chili Dog Day…

July 25 – Chili Dog Day

You’ll notice the severe lack of a chili dog in the photo.

That’s because Maine doesn’t understand the concept of putting chili on a hotdog. Let alone on a frankfurt.

The next day was Get Gnarly Day. I kid you not, the bartender at the wedding festivities had a beer called Tubular in a day-glo can. It was amazing…

July 26 – Get Gnarly Day


Then it was wedding time. Which just so happened to coincide with Dance Day…

July 27 – Dance Day

The wedding was absolutely stunning.

And I’m glad it’s over.

Sunday rounded out family week with Auntie’s Day…

July 28 – Auntie’s Day

We rounded out the month and the trip with Lasagna Day…

July 29 – Lasagna Day

Paperback Book Day…

July 30 – Paperback Book Day

And Avocado Day (Dia de Aguacate)…

July 31 – Avocado Day

And with that, July is over and August begins.

Happy Spider-Man Day!

August 01 – Spider-Man Day

I had a blast in Maine. I worked my ass off. I peopled my ass off. I read comics my ass off.

And I’m so very glad to be back home.

Yesterday I hit the ground running.

I got back home around 9pm on Tuesday night and crashed the fuck out.

I started yesterday early and went to sort out some school stuff for the kiddos with Jitterbug.

Then I went to work for a while before heading up the hill for my normal Wednesday stuff.

I just stacked my normal Monday and Tuesday stuff on top of that. And I squished an oil change and brake job in the middle of all of it.

It was nuts.

And today is going to be equally, if not more, nuts.

I have the bank run first thing, then a dentist appointment, then errands and payday, then lunch with Teacher Sis and Word to Me, then more errands. I’m going to round the day out with grocery shopping and bill paying.

Welcome back to the shitshow.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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    Taking things in bold new directions, like taking photos OF PHOTOS

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