When Someone Adds “tofitina”…


August 16, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

To your grocery list.

I kid you not. My grocery list on the side of the fridge read like this yesterday morning:



lunch box

It took me about an hour to figure out that “tofitina” was “to fit in a”. And that they wanted me to get some sort of juice drink to take in their lunches.

Bless their hearts.

Oh, and Happy Bratwurst Day!

August 16 – Bratwurst Day

I’m probably going to regret eating that whole package of sauerkraut.

Granted, I won’t regret it as much as everyone in my proximity today will.

Did you know…

That “brat” in German means “a spit”? As in roasting meat on a stick over a fire. An of course “wurst” means “sausage”.

I can see why we didn’t try to Americanize the name.

Spit Sausage doesn’t sound that great.

If I ever open a hotdog stand, I’m gonna call them Spit Sausages.

And serve them with soured cabbage.

I’ll probably call my hotdog stand “Panchos”.

Maybe I’ll get t-shirts made that say “Panchos – The Best of the Wurst”.

I must really be in the mood to use quotation marks today.

And to talk about tube steaks.

Yesterday was a slow day.

Not a lot going on.

I researched tuxedos for mine and Jitterbug’s wedding.

And wedding rings.

I drank coffee.

I napped.

I finished the first volume of Black Science.

It got a lot better once I figured out what I skipped and reread from there.

Next up on the reading list is Identity Crisis.

I can hear all your exasperated gasps from here.

No, I haven’t ever read Identity Crisis.

One, it’s DC and most, if not all, of my early childhood comic reading was Uncanny X-Men.

And two, I missed a lot of comics in the twenty-ish years that I spent chasing skirts instead of reading comics.

I can’t complain. My choices made me the man I am now and have brought me to a place where I get to marry my ridiculously wonderful and hot best friend and live with her forever and have four amazing kids and a stupid asshole dog.

But maybe…

I could have probably saved myself a lot of pain, heartbreak, anger, frustration, anxiety, etc. by just having chosen to read comics instead.

Coulda shoulda woulda. Whatever.

I can’t change that now.

What I can change is the fact that I haven’t ever read Identity Crisis. By reading Identity Crisis.


Shuddup about it already.

After I finish that one, I’m gonna read the second volume of Y the Last Man, the first volume of Empress, and the first volume of the Adventure Zone.

I’ll probably make a good dent on those this morning while I’m sitting around and waiting on the A/C repairman at work.

After that, it’ll be a normal Friday.

With errands and coffee and stuff.

All right, the sauerkraut poops are about to begin.

I’d better get to the bathroom.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Panchos is the name of a cheese dip that I really enjoy. I think a better name for the stand would be “Sanchos”. “The best of the wurst” is brilliant though.

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