A Deep-seeded Craving.


September 9, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

For fried carbohydrates and MSG.


I’ve been jonesing for a Chinese buffet something serious.

Happy Teddy Bear Day!

September 09 – Teddy Bear Day

The one on the right, in the yellow shirt, was my first teddy from Santa.

I used to snuggle the fucking shit out of him.

The one on the left, that looks like a shirtless 2D version of the one on the right, is Brownie. My longtime companion and fellow miscreant.

Cod. We used to get in so much trouble together.

But one too many flesh wounds made him opt for early retirement.

Now they live together in the southern coastal retirement community known as Old Cedar Trunk.

I don’t visit them often because it is fucking inconvenient to get down there.

Also, it’s a little too warm for my taste.

All that heat and humidity make this fella a grumpy boy.

Just ask any of the people I live with.

Carbs help keep people from killing each other in our house, though.

Lots of delicious carbs.

Today is Monday.

I’m about to go run off a few of those carbs right now.

Then it is off to work.

Those errands won’t run themselves.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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