“I Could Make It On My Own.”


September 7, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

“But it wouldn’t be pretty.”

Happy Salami Day!

September 07 – Salami Day

The greasiest day of the year.

That’s a salame di toscana.

Or is it toscano?

Doesn’t matter. It’s delicious.

I kinda want to go eat some more of it right now.

I have a real weakness for cured meats.

Especially those of western Europe.

With some stinky cheese and some crusty bread.


Yesterday was as hectic as predicted.

Jitterbug and I spent the morning getting a bunch of financial stuff squared away.

When we stopped by the courthouse to get a few documents we had multiple people stop us and tell us that they didn’t issue marriage licenses there. We finally ask someone why they stopped to tell us that and they said it was because we look really in love.

They said that they don’t see a lot of people holding hands.

It was super sweet.

It only took us 20 years to realize that we loved each other.


Nothing really excited happened in the afternoon.

I ran some work errands.

I picked up a keychain at a store whose employees were dicks to me.

I grabbed a pair of dress shoes for the Rev. Dark Wombat because he forgot them when he left for ComiCon.

I delivered a gift card for a coddamned “meal train”.

Other than that it was all pretty relaxed.

Today we don’t have much on the books other than Adlis the Goldenboy’s baseball game this afternoon.

I should probably mow if it isn’t super awful outside this morning.


See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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