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September 22, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

That I need interns.

Happy Hobbit Day!

September 22 – Hobbit Day

So, apparently this isn’t my week for holidays.

Yesterday was fucking Batman Day. And it’s the 80th Anniversary.

Stupid fucking miniature golf.

If I ever do the year of holidays again, I’m going to have to plan them out by searching out each day individually about a month in advance.

Because the three websites I used to plan out this whole year sure as shit didn’t have the coddamn 80th anniversary of Batman on it.

It would help if I could just get famous for this stupid project and then I’d be able to afford to hire interns to research this shit for me.

But they’d all have to share a Glock.

Yesterday was a long day.

Jitterbug and HayHay headed off bright and early for a Girl Scouts field trip to Little Rock.

So I rounded up the rest of the kiddos and headed up the hill. We went to Crystal Bridges to check out the infinity mirror exhibit, had a nice pizza lunch, hit the comicbook store, and then I let the kiddos run wild at Arkadia for an hour or so.

Then we headed home because I was sick of their shit.

Mostly I was sick of wearing pants and shoes.

Today is going to be a day filled with a lot of people. Most of them screaming little girls.

HayHay is having friends over for a tie dye birthday party.

Then I’m making dinner for the fam.

I’m going to attempt to squeeze in as much comic time as possible and soak up all the alone time I can get so I can recharge my batteries.

And on that note, shuddup.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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