Preparing Your Expectations.


September 17, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

To do the limbo.

We shall see how truly low they can go.

I want to start off the day by congratulating Gabb the Blabb on being elected a class representative! I’m so proud of her for stepping up and owning her potential. She’s well on her way to taking over everything and bossing all you motherfuckers around.

Happy Monte Cristo Day!

September 17 – Monte Cristo Day

My Monte Cristo got dangerously close to being a Cubano.

I wasn’t having powdered sugar on that gorgeous sammy. I opted for savory and went for pickles and my spicy mustard.

Either way it was fucking delicious.

And you’re jealous because yours won’t be as good as mine.

Yesterday was a doozy of a Monday.

I was all over the damn place.

Back and forth to work all day.

Picking up meds for a head cold, finding the dogs, feeding all the animals, watering plants, stocking groceries, transporting art.

And I managed to swirl those together with my home errands.

I wrote a really huge check to a woman who kept telling me that I wasn’t about to write her a really huge check. I sorted out some info updates on my retirement accounts. I married some people under the bell tower at the college.

All before I made dinner for the fam. Which included Dave, Little Miss Cotton, and Sweet Dee.

I was a tired boy by the time the day wrapped up.

Today is going to be a little more chill, but not by a lot.

I’ve still got a bunch to do today before back-to-back baseball and volleyball games.

Just the thought of all that makes me need a nap.

I’d better go put some more coffee on.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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