When the Children Are Concerned About You Eating Something Dubious.


September 10, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

You know it’s serious.

Happy TV Dinner Day!

September 10 – TV Dinner Day

The kiddos were very, very concerned that I was going to eat that Salisbury steak dinner.

Given what I eat on a regular basis, and their normal complete lack of giving a shit, I took it as a sign that I should not, in fact, eat the aforementioned Salisbury steak.

Which was about par for the course for yesterday.

It was a Monday.

Down to the fucking bone.

I wanted to nap in the morning after my run, but talked myself into showering and getting to work. Promising myself that I could nap in the afternoon once I got my work done.

I was trapped either way.

If I had napped I would’ve ended up running behind for the rest of the day and never would’ve gotten everything done.

Since I didn’t nap, I was fucking exhausted all day.

Which didn’t help with all the frustrations that followed.

Nothing worked the way it was supposed to.

4 cups of coffee and SLAYER at max volume was the only thing that kept me upright and moving forward.

By the time I finally finished work and made it home, Jitterbug was walking out the door to go to a massage and the kids all had the look on their face like they had been warned not to bum rush me asking “what’s for dinner?” the second I walked in the house.

Which they had been warned against.

Thankfully so.

I was able to navigate making dinner and getting the kiddos started making their campaign posters for student council elections without dissolving into a crumpled heap of exhaustion and rage.

I’m so thankful for Jitterbug and her forethought.

Warning the kids to chill because I was having rough day was a class act move.

And yes, a founding member of the AASC lives with a group of kids running for student council. Karma is funny like that.

Today I’m going to attack all of the shit that I had to half ass yesterday so I wouldn’t have had to work until 10pm last night.

I’m also going to do a bunch of other shit that is on my list for today.

I hope it goes better than yesterday’s list.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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