One Hundred Daily.


October 10, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

Fifty weekly.

Happy Tuxedo Day!

October 10 – Tuxedo Day

I’m smiling because I’m not wearing pants.

So far this week, according to my watch, I’ve taken roughly 43,105 steps. Which is roughly 20.8 miles.

This is why my legs hurt.

Yesterday was nuts.

I didn’t paint anything.

I did run a shitload of errands.

I did murder the fucking shit out of the jungle in the backyard.

I spent most of my time cutting it down and mowing over it. Not so much time spent burning it.

That’s okay. I’ll have a good pile of shit to burn next week when I get back from the SAAND weekend in the mountains.

I just have to make through today and then I can go hide in a cabin for a few days.

And what a doozy today will be.

I’ve got my food bank run this morning first thing.

Then some “down time” before heading to the office in the early afternoon to work on some windows.

If I get done in time, I’ll head to the airport with Nicky the Cook to retrieve Kribbsy A. If I’m not done in time, I’ll track them down when I get done and play with them for a while before running off to do sports things with the kiddos.

Then tomorrow morning we load up and head to the woods.

No posts while I’m gone. Only photos.

All right.

I’ve gotta get a move on.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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