The Wok of Shame.


October 29, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

That’s what you call the dirty dishes you left in the sink until the morning after fried rice night.

My wok actually died as I was cleaning it. In case you need to get me something for Grismas.

Happy National Cat Day slash Oatmeal Day!

October 29 – National Cat Day/Oatmeal Day

I always forget that I really love oatmeal.

The brown sugar kind, anyway.

Yesterday was a headache.

I had a headache that I just couldn’t shake.

By the time it came on full swing it was too late to try to nap it away.

So I just stumbled my way through the remainder of the day in a fug of advil/aspirin/aleve and slow, grinding pain.

But I still managed to get a bunch of stuff done regardless.

Now that baseball and volleyball seasons are over, we get a few weeks of free evenings to not immediately have to rush off to something.

It’s gonna be really nice on nights when I don’t have a pounding headache.

Like tonight.


Today I’ve got fuck all to do.

I’ll probably nap.

Especially if it rains like the forecast says it’s supposed to.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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