Dinnertime Puns.


November 4, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

That no one can write down because their hands are full of burritos.

Happy Roch Day!

November 04 – Roch Day

He’s just a boy.

Yesterday was a good day.

I soaked up a little quiet alone time as soon as the fam headed off to church.

Then Teacher Sis picked me up and we had all the breakfast before heading off to do a lot of grocery shopping.

After groceries, we decided to work in the backyard some more.

Teacher Sis and Lord Steel Bear came over and the ladies tended the fire while LSB cut shit down and I swamped it for him. It was the system that Jitterbug and I used on Saturday just doubled. And with exponentially better results.

Then Dave and Little Miss Cotton came by to hangout and help, too.

We made really great progress.

I’m taking today to work on the business stuff I didn’t work on yesterday and then I’m heading back into the backyard to keep that momentum going.

I’m also going to take some time to read comics today.

Because I didn’t read any all weekend and I deserve a few minutes of reading time for all the hard work I put in over the past few days.

I also need to get ready to start hustling on getting clients lined up for At Your Service.

So much to do.

So little coffee in my brain.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Roch day is pretty much the best day yet.

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