Peeling Off My Skin.


November 9, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

While maintaining eye contact with you.

Happy Carl Sagan Day!

November 09 – Carl Sagan Day

I love the people days because I get to walk around the house terrifying the children by wearing someone else’s face.

And then I leave the face somewhere when I’m done. To scare Jitterbug.

That’s what love is all about, right?


Yesterday was a good day.

It start with coffee with the Blacksmith to discuss nerd stuff and branding for At Your Service.

Then I got to work on my list.

I got a ton of stuff done.

And then a bunch of extra shit, too.

List complete!

I even got to finish “Eat More Comics” while I was waiting for the tires to be put on the Prius.

Today I’ve got a printing workshop all day at the university.

It’s gonna be amazing.

I don’t really have anything in mind to print.

I just want to go print for hours.

Maybe I’ll make Grismas cards.

Maybe I’ll make posters to give as presents.

Who the fuck, knows?

Not me.

Especially since I haven’t had coffee yet.

Time to remedy that and then head to the shop.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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