There’s No T In Coffee.


November 19, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

But there’s a T in forgetful.

And there’s no telling what room I left my tea in now.

I never had that problem when I was drinking coffee all the time.

I always had it with me.

Now I just keep forgetting my cup of tea all over the damn house.


I’d like to begin this morning by wishing a very Happy Birthday to Word to Me and Jackie the Mick. Be sure to wish them a happy one as well.

And what better way to celebrate their birthdays than to observe…

Happy Toilet Day!

November 19 – Toilet Day

I finished the Kate Bishop Hawkeye book I was reading.

And volumes 4 and 5 of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

Thank goodness for basketball practice.

Next up is volume two of Kill or Be Killed.

I’ll be reading that, and hopefully many more, today while I’m waiting on the Blacksmith.

Then it’s off to math town.

I may skip basketball practice tonight in favor of working on the basement.

We got the basement to a point where it is functioning and livable months ago, but never put the final touches on it.

Yesterday I had a little down time and I got started on finishing the bathroom.


With Grismas right around the corner, I’m sure there’s going to be a fuckton of people in and out of the house and I know I won’t be able to finish it while they’re all here.

Because I’ll be hiding in my closet with comics and a flashlight.

And waiting patiently for the tidal wave of bacteria to wipe all human life from existence.

Good morning to you, too.

All right.

As much I love to sit here and continue discussing my cheerful world view, I have to get ready to go get the Blacksmith.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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