Those Aren’t Allergies.


November 6, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

That’s a sinus erection.

Happy Nachos Day!

November 06 – Nachos Day

Those nachos were so fucking good.

I kinda wanna make another pan of them right now.

But I’ll limit myself to four rounds today and not five.

Because I have other stuff to do instead of standing around eating more nachos.

Stuff like read comics and nap.

I mean I do have real work to do today, but I hear it’s supposed to be ideal nap conditions.

Sometimes you just gotta drop everything and seize the moment.

Like the Swayze in Point Break.

I’m the coddamn Bodhi of napping.

I made good progress in Hellboy yesterday.

I crushed the day’s balls with my fist of badassery and so I treated myself to comic reading time after dinner.

And then all the people came into the living room and started talking all at once and then reading time was over.

So then it was bedtime.

And now we are here.

Time for more coffee.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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