Why Is My Nose Red Like Kris Kringle?


November 23, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

Because you’re drunk like W.C. Fields.

I’m outta here.

For a while.

And that being the case, I’d like to go ahead and wish a very Happy Birthday to #poorstanley, Umbrella Killa, Pancakes, Andi the Numbers, Sad Girl, Ninja, Nicky the Cook, and Prop Ninja. I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone. I guess in more way than one.

Yeesh. That got dark quickly.

On a brighter note…

Happy Tardis/Fibonacci Day!

November 23 – Tardis/Fibonacci Day

So the Tardis is a Golden Rectangle.

Why is that not a huge surprise?

All right.

I’m leaving.

On a family vacation.

For Thanksgiving.

Send as much good doogies as you can.

I’m going to need them.

No posts until I get back. Enjoy your vacation from me.

See ya’ later.

More soon. ~SC


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