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December 31, 2019 by sandwichcontrol

By adding my tip to the invoice total.

Happy Champagne Day!

December 31 – Champagne Day

Why are we drinking champagne?

Because it’s the last damn holiday for the Year of Holidays.

And we deserve to celebrate that pain-in-my-ass being over.

I don’t know about you, but I need a lie down after that one.

A year of them, in fact.

I won’t spoil the surprise just yet, but the Blacksmith sent me the logo for the Year of Naps.

It. Is. Fucking. Awesome.

He is fucking awesome.

I’m going to just keep telling him that until he believes it, too.

Anyway, yesterday was a good Monday back in the normal routine.

Well, as normal as it can be given that most people are doing holiday stuff still. Kids are out of school. Places are closed because they’re on vacation.

But I’m still here.

And the other people that are here need help with stuff.

And the people who aren’t here need their stuff checked on.

This is why they call me. I am expert.

So I’ll be out and about today running errands and checking on stuff and looking at stuff and thinking about stuff and picking people up.

In between all those things, I’m going to spend some time with Teacher Sis because I feel like I haven’t hung out with her in ages.

And I’m going to read comics.

Because I’m an adult who handles his shit.

See ya’ next year.

More soon. ~SC


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