Making Puns About Getting Married Behind Judge Parker’s Gallows…


January 14, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

And my blind grandfather.

He didn’t see either of them coming.

Yesterday had me running every which way.

I hung art.

I met with clients.

I did banking stuff.

I updated information with the county clerk.

I applied for a job with the Census bureau.

I made a shitload of phone calls.

I tutored algebra (factoring by grouping to be exact).

I talked about the 5 love languages.

It wore me out.

Luckily I had That Boy to watch over me to make sure no one disturbed me while I rested my eyes…

January 14, 2020

Today is another full day.

I’ve got at least four clients, two pharmacies, a wedding, two appointments to coordinate, a dentist, and a handful of emails.

All before 3pm.

I’m going to go drink a lot of coffee now.

So I don’t melt down from a system overload.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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