How Dare You Laugh At That Joke!


February 22, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

We take our comedy very seriously.

Yesterday was supposed to be spent in my studio, with my headphones on, and the ringer off.

Working on the wedding invitations.

Most of that happened.

But just for short periods of time.

I did get one colored printed and all the type set for the second color.

I’m hoping to do that today.

Mostly yesterday just consisted of me being worn the fuck out.

By life in general.

Everything has been so hectic lately I just haven’t had a moment to stop and catch my breath.

Yesterday was no exception.

I mean the kids decided to have some kind of competition in which they hold plank and do wall sits to see who could hold it longer.

At least I think that was the point.

I found it all really exhausting…

February 22, 2020

Today is not going to be a break for anyone in the house either.

We’ve got Girl Scouts stuff and basketball tournaments and I’m going to try to print at some point and the kids will inevitably want me to make food for them.

Maybe I’ll take tomorrow off.


See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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