To Make a Long Story Short…


July 6, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

I stuck a whole bag of jelly beans up my ass.

Sometimes, I just hear things that are so insane I couldn’t even make them up.

I started Saturday by doing a one mile run with Jitterbug.

It was a partnership virtual race between Strava and the New York Road Runners as a charity event for Black Lives Matter.

So we ran a mile.

And then it rained on us.

A lot.

So we finished up, came home, ate breakfast, and then I napped for nearly 4 hours.

It was the nap I had always dreamed of.

I’m telling you, that weighted blanket is magical…

After that we just spent the day like a normal Saturday.

Puttering around the house and reading.

Sunday was our day of rest.

We did light to moderate work instead of cranking out the work all day.

It was cloudy on and off all day.

The parts when I had to be outside were, of course, clear and sunny so that it was nine million degrees outside.

When the clouds came out, I took full advantage of their drowsing effects…

Overall, a good weekend was had.

Today is Monday and it’s back to a five day work week of kicking ass and getting certifications.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Leon Sphinx says:

    There’s a famous story from our circle of a guy shoving a footlong Subway sandwich up his ass. He also (not on the same occasion) shoved a bag of powdered donuts up his ass.

    Not as impressive are the whisky enemas, but that is a different story

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