My Farts Smell Like Drain Cleaner.


August 14, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

Not like strawberries.

Yesterday was a giant clusterfuck.

I went for a little walk first thing.

With Thursdays being so crazy normally, I’ve started scheduling a rest day from my running on Thursday morning.

So I went for a little walk.

And I barely made it home before it started pouring down rain.

A real gully washer.

Which, of course, immediately overwhelmed the drainage system and then poured water into the basement.

So instead of heading off to get the crazy started, I just mopped up the morning with a towel and one of those industrial yellow mop buckets.

And then I headed off to deal with the rest of the crazy.

Which was nonstop.

The rest of the day.

It went hard through rain and shine until late afternoon.

At which point I sat down for a minute and built the love-o-meter with my Arduino.

And then rested my eyes for a minute…

Then everyone came home and we loaded up to head over for an impromptu dinner and walkaround at Teacher Sis and Lord Steel Bear’s new house.

So many carbs were eaten.

Today is Friday.

I’m about to go for a run and then finish off all the crap that is leftover from the week.

Like not sleeping and checking the drains all night long during the thunderstorms.

Tomorrow is work around the house day.

Then Beatle Sue’s birthday dinner.

And Sunday is work on other stuff around the house day?

I don’t actually know.

I’m sure someone in my house has made plans for me to do something.

Whether I like it or not.

That’s my role in the this family.

To do the things.

And so I shall.

This post would’ve made it sooner, but the storms knocked the power out.

We’re off to a great start.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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