All You Create.


September 10, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

And all you destroy.


You seen that Dune trailer yet?

It looks so fucking good.

Yesterday was a long day of changing lightbulbs.

I did sneak a nap in though.

Like my Nanny always used to say: “Sometimes if you need some peace and quiet, just pretend to me an ottoman.”

Or something like that anyway…

In addition to the Dune trailer, Aesop Rock dropped a new track from his upcoming album yesterday.

It was a good day for media.

Especially since there weren’t a lot of single issue comics that I was into that came out yesterday.

Today is going to be a weirdly busy Thursday.

It is Thursday, right?

Okay good.

A bunch of my normal stuff is canceled for today.

And has quickly been replaced by a bunch of random stuff.

Most of it is work stuff, but I do get to have socially distanced coffee with the Blacksmith.

Which is so awesome.

Because I don’t get to nerd out much these days.

So I’m going for it this morning.

After that it’s all work stuff.

Mostly revolving around cars and dogs.


See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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