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October 15, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

On that motherfucker for eating my chicken tenders.

So GooGoo snuck into the kitchen and ate a whole baking sheet of chicken tenders off the stove.

I’m really hoping between the cake and chickie tendies that my case for taxidermy is getting stronger by the day.

Yesterday was another long one.

But I finally started to feel like I’m recovery from the past couple of weeks.

Of course now the website is giving me technical issues and not allowing me to upload photos or update the plug-ins.

And the Powell’s bookstore on Burnside in Portland, OR wouldn’t let me have Brandon Graham come to the store to sign the used copy of “Walrus” before they shipped it out to me because we’re in the middle of a coddamn pandemic.

But it’s cool that he was willing to go sign it for me.

He asked me for my address anyway saying that he’ll maybe make a bookmark for me.

Because we’re best friends.



Having a few hours off last night helped a shitload, too.

I was able to start reading “Eat a Peach” David Chang’s new memoir.

And by start reading it, I mean I opened it and put my bookmark on the first page and then closed it again.

I would’ve actually read some of it, but I was busy talking to Taco Planet as he sorted out the issues with the website.

So then I took the photo pretending to fall asleep while reading…

And then I went to bed for real.

Today is Thursday.

And after yesterday’s slight respite from the madness, we head back into the fray.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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