That Sinking Feeling.


October 20, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

When you voted for the wrong Phil Collins.

So, funny story.

We went to vote on our lunch break yesterday.

Or, rather, we went to vote on Jitterbug’s lunch break.

Because I don’t have one.

That’s why I keep banana nut Cheerios in the truck.


One of the presidential candidates is Phil Collins.

After voting, I looked him up.

As it turns out.

It’s not former member of the band Genesis Phil Collins, but instead it’s a, and I kid you not, Prohibitionist named Philip Collins.


As in outlawing all alcohol and drugs.

Of any kind.

And if that’s what you believe, right on.

I mean, if it rocks your butt let it fuck you.

But there was one thing that I couldn’t fucking abide.

In the background on one of the promotional photos they had superimposed Captain America’s shield.

Oh no they didn’t!

So as the true patriot that I am, I immediately reported them to MARVEL for copyright infringement.

Because fuck those guys.

They can have all sorts of kooky ideas, but you don’t fuck with the Cap.

There’s just some lines you don’t cross.

So, my good citizen deeds done for the day, I went off to take care of a million odds and ends for clients.

And drive until my headache was too much to bear.

Then I had a little eye rest…

And then off I went again to get the family ready for the evening’s activities.

I crashed fucking hard.

And here we are again.

Bright and early to do all the stuff again all day.

If you haven’t voted yet, today would be a good day to do that.

Do it for Captain America!

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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