Carrots Are Like the Least Good Broccoli.


November 25, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

Just be thankful you can taste them.

My sinuses are fucked right now because of all the dust and crap I stirred up when I was mowing the leaves this past weekend.

So nothing tastes or smells right.

Let me tell ya’, if I ever lose my sense of taste and smell permanently, I’m switching to a completely liquid diet.

Without the delicious smell and taste of food all that’s left is the sound of me chewing.

And fuck that.

That’s not my life.

Yesterday was a rainy one.

And chilly.

It would’ve been the ideal day for sleeping all day.

But instead of doing that I kicked a lot of ass.

Until my headache put the kibosh on that…

I then spent the rest of evening trying to get everyone else to just be quiet and go to bed.

You can imagine how successful I was.

Today is Wednesday.

And I’m going to wrap up a few projects I’ve been working on all week in preparation of the food eating holiday tomorrow.

See ya’ then.

More soon. ~SC


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