Knee-Deep Evil To Plot Through a Fever.


December 30, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

Maid threw his Rod of Ascelpius out.

Yesterday was a fine balancing act.

Having gone to bed early we were in no mindset to get up early.

So workout didn’t happen at 5am.

And then nothing for work went as planned.

I spent a lot of the day waiting around for people to call/email/text me back so I could move forward on my projects.

While I was waiting around, I reached out to the fine folks at BarkBox.

Someone had ordered a subscription for their dog.

And then had it sent to the wrong address.

It came to one of client’s houses.

Correct address, just not the person who currently lives there.

So I reached out to BarkBox to see if I could get the box to its rightful owner.

After giving them all the info on the box so they could reach out to the person who ordered it, they told me I could keep the box and they’d just send new stuff to their customer.

How cool is that?!

So GooGoo got a whole box of toys and treats.

When I got done waiting around for work stuff, I went home and went for a a little run.

For the first time since October.

It was awesome.

And terrible.

It wasn’t bad until the wind hit me.

Then it was quite unpleasant.

I don’t have the stamina that I had back in October, but I was still clocking under a ten minute mile.

And that’s with the walking.

A lot of walking.

And then I came crawling home and collapsed…

Then I went to basketball practice with the kiddos.

Today is gonna be another long, weird day.

Maybe I’ll just hide in my office and read comics.

If only…

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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