Little Baby Boys.


April 29, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

Don’t have them Google permissions.

The word of the day is: Flamboyant.

[ flam-boi-uhnt ]
strikingly bold or brilliant; showy:
flamboyant colors.
conspicuously dashing and colorful:
the flamboyant idol of international society.
florid; ornate; elaborately styled:
flamboyant speeches.
having the form of an ogee, as a bar of tracery.
noting or pertaining to French Gothic architecture of the late 15th and early and middle 16th centuries, characterized by the use of flamboyant tracery, intricacy of detailing, virtuosity of workmanship, attenuation of parts, and frequent complication of interior space.
royal poinciana.

Sometimes you just have a rough week.

Nothing that a little dress-up time can’t cure, though.

Yesterday was another long, long day.

It started way too early.

And then everything that was supposed to happen got postponed and then the vacuum created by the postponement quickly filled with chaos and batshit crazy.

Oh, and it rained all day.

Staying awake became a real struggle around 3pm.

That was probably around the time I hit the Lebowski Plateau and just said “Fuck it.” to the remainder of the stress that was waiting in line to be piled on my plate.

At least for yesterday.

I’m sure that today will have it’s tests and trials for that enlightened state.

Already things have turned into a mudslide of fuckery.

And it’s not even 6am.

Off to a great start.

I’m gonna do a lot of core exercises and shotgun some cold brew.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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