Being Dragged By Your Hair.


September 13, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

Drug by your hair?

Drugs buy your hair?

Drugs buy you hare?

The word of the day is: Rumble.

[ ruhm-buhl ]
verb (used without object), rum·bled, rum·bling.
to make a deep, heavy, somewhat muffled, continuous sound, as thunder.
to move or travel with such a sound:
The train rumbled on.
verb (used with object), rum·bled, rum·bling.
to give forth or utter with a rumbling sound:
to rumble a command.
to cause to make or move with a rumbling sound:
to rumble a wagon over the ground.
a deep, heavy, somewhat muffled, continuous sound:
the rumble of tanks across a bridge.
rumble seat.

A rumble is also a term for a fight.

Usually between rival gangs.

Think the Warriors.

Or West Side Story.

Or that song by the Stray Cats.

No, not “Stray Cat Strut”.


What about that Jackie movie?

No not “Drunken Master”.


This is why we don’t have nice things.

This and pets.

And children.

I don’t really want nice things.

Not really.

I’d rather spend all my money on comics.

At least the kids read those.

Some of them anyway.

The comics.

Not the kids.

sigh… coddammit…

What is it about cookie cake that makes it so good?

Like pecan pie I get.

But I don’t fiend for pecan pie at 10pm.

Okay fine.

At 9pm.

I know I go to bed early.


At 10pm I want peace and quiet.

At 9pm I crave the cookie cakes.

And sometimes glazed donuts.

Plain glazed, iced with sprinkles, donut holes, maple bars, cruellers, sour cream or blueberry cake donuts, even the occasional donut stick ala Little Debby.

An anatomy and physiology professor of mine once hypothesized my cravings as ancestral echoes of lifelong famines.

She also hypothesized it could just be a my sweet tooth or a sugar addiction.

All are plausible.

What I know for a fact, however, is that it is already Monday.

And time to get my grind on.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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