Devising a Plan.


September 10, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

To offend Zeus enough to get him to throw a lightning bolt at me.

The word of the day is: Resistance.

[ ri-zis-tuhns ]
the act or power of resisting, opposing, or withstanding.
the opposition offered by one thing, force, etc., to another.
Also called ohmic resistance. a property of a conductor by virtue of which the passage of current is opposed, causing electric energy to be transformed into heat: equal to the voltage across the conductor divided by the current flowing in the conductor: usually measured in ohms. Abbreviation: R
a conductor or coil offering such opposition; resistor.
Psychiatry. opposition to an attempt to bring repressed thoughts or feelings into consciousness.
(often initial capital letter) an underground organization composed of groups of private individuals working as an opposition force in a conquered country to overthrow the occupying power, usually by acts of sabotage, guerrilla warfare, etc.:
the resistance during the German occupation in World War II.

Get it?

It’s a resistor.

Aren’t I so-o-o-o-o clever?

Yesterday was a very long, busy, and frustrating day.

The pharmacy finally got my meds ready.

It took me showing up and standing there until they got them ready for me, but it worked.

Now I just need them to kick in.

Running out of brain power by 3pm is not the way I need to live my life.

Today I’m hoping to get the home tech project, that I’ve been fighting with all week, completed today.

Which is going to take a load off of my brain.

And I need that pretty badly at this point.

Words have been hard all week.

And it’s been a week of needing words.

I’m pretty spent.

Maybe that’s just the drugs, or the lack thereof, talking.

Where does the crazy stop and the just being regularly tired begin?

Maybe I need a vacation.

That’s something normal people do, right?

Take a vacation.

Wear a silly hat.

And flowy clothes with tropical prints on them.

Drink out of a coconut.

Pay for things with traveler’s checks.

Get dysentery.

Have your luggage lost.

Get your passport stolen.

Get kidnapped because you look like a famous person-ish.

No one pays your ransom and you get sold to some guys that pump you full of bennies and make you their mule.

Sounds like just what I need.


I’m going to work.

Maybe some coffee and some in-app verification software refusing to verify the passcode will be just what the doctor ordered.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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