It’s a Cruel, Cruel Summer.


September 14, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

Leaving me here on my own.

The word of the day is: Rumpus.

[ ruhm-puhs ]
noun, plural rum·pus·es.
a noisy or violent disturbance; commotion; uproar:
There was a terrible rumpus going on upstairs.
a heated controversy:
a rumpus over the school-bond issue.

There was about 45 minutes in between activities yesterday that I found myself alone with nothing to do.

So I cranked up the Slayer and watched the dogs bite each other’s faces.

We’re watching Rhymin’ Simon the next couple of weeks for Emmy and he and GooGoo love nothing more than trying to bite each other’s faces for hours on end.

I only have to break them up when he starts trying to hump whatever part is closest to him.

Yesterday was a hard day.

The forestry mulcher we hired to clear the jungle came by the house.

He made it about two feet into the jungle and the machine died.

Lippincottonia – 1

Forest mulcher – 0

I tried to tell the guy that our jungle isn’t like other people’s jungle.

He wouldn’t hear any of it.

Another difficult part of yesterday was when Kyle Starks asked his Patrons to vote on the next sticker set for the Sticker Club.

He made us choose between: Taskmaster, Demolition Man, and Road House.

He’s just cruel.

Making me pick between Demolition Man and Road House?!

It was seriously the hard decision of my life.

I didn’t have time to ruminate on my woes before I had to pick up Debb the Blebb from school and head to Aldis the Goldenboy’s futbol match.

Also, I might become a licensed futbol ref.

Apparently there’s a shortage in Arkansas and so they are really offering some cash for refs to call matches.

So that’s pretty cool.

Okay, now is time for work.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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