Yeah I Collect Nightmare Art.


September 27, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

Your face is the crowning jewel in my collection.

I was very worn out.

So I didn’t make a post yesterday.

If I had you would’ve known that the word of the day was: Secret

[ see-krit ]
done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of others:
secret negotiations.
kept from the knowledge of any but the initiated or privileged:
a secret password.
faithful or cautious in keeping confidential matters confidential; close-mouthed; reticent.
designed or working to escape notice, knowledge, or observation:
a secret drawer; the secret police.
something that is or is kept secret, hidden, or concealed.
a mystery:
the secrets of nature.

I’d tell you what she whispered in my ear, but then I’d have to kill you.

I was wrecked from last week.

I just needed to rest.

So I took a two hour nap on Saturday while everyone else was busy doing stuff.

It turned me into way less of a grumpy person.

I was able to go bowling without wanting to murder every single human on the planet.

Well, no more than usual, that is.

I realize now that I forgot to tell a bunch of people we were going bowling.

My bad.

After bowling two games and eating bowling alley chili cheese fries, I went home and fell asleep early.

And slept in late.

It’s amazing what actually resting will do for body and mind.

Yesterday we sort of puttered around the house and watched the forestry mulching guys finish up the back yard.

The official scores are in and it was a draw.

Lippincottonia – 4

Forestry mulchers – 4

It was a pretty fair fight.

Let me just says this, the yard looks fucking insane.

I’m definitely going to need a big, bad mamma jamma of a mower now.

Because I have 752% more lawn.

Once we get the buildings taken down the whole thing is going to be ridiculously huge.

Speaking of ridiculously huge, it’s Monday.

And I have a fuckload of things to do today.

First thing on my list is to tell you the word of the day.

It’s: Sell.

[ sel ]
verb (used with object), sold, sell·ing.
to transfer (goods) to or render (services) for another in exchange for money; dispose of to a purchaser for a price:
He sold the car to me for $1000.
to deal in; keep or offer for sale:
He sells insurance. This store sells my favorite brand.
verb (used without object), sold, sell·ing.
to engage in selling something:
Investment advisors agree that it’s time to sell.
to be sold; to draw sales:
His album is selling well.
The game sold poorly in Japan.
an act or method of selling:
Your home could be a profitable sell.
Stock Exchange. a security to be sold.

If I could actually sell my kids candy, I would do it in a heartbeat.

But I’m the one who they ask for money.

So that just seems a very complex way to keep the last two dollars that are in my possession.

It’s not like I didn’t find that candy in the dumpster behind the movie theaters.

So I’m not out any money anyway.

Enjoy your candy, fucking freeloaders.

I should go to work now.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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