Throw Another Sad Log.


November 20, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

On the ol’ bastard fire.

The word of the day is: Tintinnabulation.

[ tin-ti-nab-yuh-ley-shuhn ]
the ringing or sound of bells.

Yesterday was a dick jamming about rugs.

And a whole fuckload of comics.

I also forgot to take Slinky Cat in for her follow-up appointment.

I wouldn’t have had to remember if she hadn’t hidden herself away Thursday afternoon when I was supposed to be taking her in.

She fucking knew.

The little asshole.

So a weird thing is happening today.

Our calendar is completely blank today.

We have nothing.

For one whole day.

I’m going to go take full advantage of it.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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