If You See Me Running, You Know You’re In Trouble.


January 4, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

‘Cause I’m on the Bob Squad.

I’m back.


In my head I think I thought I was getting back earlier in the day.

But I got home at like 6pm.

Which dropped me off right in the middle of shit going on.

So when I should’ve been just finishing up unpacking, we got off the plane and headed to get the kiddos.

In our absence they had been scattered to the effing wind.

Winter break was good for them.

After wrangling up the majority of them, we threw some fast food at them and then headed to wrangle the last kid from their basketball game.

Once we got them and picked up some food for them, we came home to start the unpacking process.

On top of all that I had been pretty sedentary all day.

So I had to get some steps in, to boot.

By then it was like 9pm and the cup of coffee I had at 4pm kicked in and made my brain give my exhausted body the finger.

So, forgive me if this post is incredibly anticlimactic, more so than usual that is, both on the wrapping up of a year and the start of another.

We ended the year with the word: Zzz.


(used to represent the sound of a person snoring.)

I thought it was a clever way to come full circle from the Year of Naps.

And with that, the Year of Words comes to a close.

And the Randumb year begins.

The theme of New Year’s day was: minister.


I was on a diplomatic mission to the desert lands of the west.

The crazy part of that photo is that in less than 24 hours later the entire landscape around me would be covered in 4 inches of snow.

For the 2nd of January the theme was: serious.

Here’s me being serious.


For the 3rd of January (yesterday) the theme was: miner.

I admit I planned poorly for this trip.

So here’s a photo of me hiding in a dark bathroom holding my cell phone to my forehead pretending it’s a miner’s helmet.


Today’s theme is: advance.

So here’s a photo of me advancing one of my pawns.


I opted to use the tiny chess set in the living room instead of setting up my normal size chess board.

Because I wanted to go to bed and I was trying to maximize my time usage.

Now I’m back.

And almost caught up.

It’s not Monday.

It’s not Monday.

It’s not Monday.

If I say it enough times, maybe it’ll sink in.

I really did do the time warp again.

Not only is the week between Grismas and new year’s weird as fuck, but then I stopped working on a Thursday to sit at a resort and return on a Monday.

Also the resort was a weird time void, too.

So I got that triple whammy of time fucked-up-ness.

Now I have to go to work?

What the actual fuck is happening.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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