Tapping Dat Ass…


January 26, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

Et. Asset.

Today’s theme is: dedicate.


That’s me throwing a spear as I dedicate my new art project to Odin.

Okay, so it was a pencil.

Not just any pencil, I’ll have you know.

That’s my X Files “Trust No One” pencil.

And anyone that has read “American Gods” will tell you, it doesn’t have to be a real spear to count.

Only a symbolic spear.

I would’ve thrown a Kosher dill spear, but there’d be no saving it from all the animal hair in my house.

And I don’t waste pickles if I can help it.

In addition to throwing the spear, I offered up my own stack of magazines I was “saving” onto the altar of sacrifice.

If you’ve also got a stack you’ve been lugging around too many years, maybe consider adding them to my pire?

Comics, too.

I’m gonna chop them all up for some juicy new collages.

In other news, the 7 cups of coffee I had yesterday barely got me through the day.

It’s gonna be a long week.

But good things come to those that work their ass off.

Well buddy, mine’s almost completely gone.

I’d better get back to doing squats soon or my pants will fall down in the back.

They’ll still stay up in the front, of course.

I taped them to my bread belly.

Speaking of coffee.

Time for more.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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