Being Kinda Bad At Everything.


February 2, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

As your superpower.

Today’s theme is: country.


That’s a Guatemalan flag.

Because it’s a country.

Welcome to the Year of the Tiger.

I know it started yesterday.

How about you shut your stupid mouth?

I’m still getting back into the hang of y’all wanting me to celebrate things.

To be fair I put all of the holidays and themes and the rest of it into my planner.

Which is in my bag.

Which never gets opened because people need me to do things for them.

Yesterday was a day full of chasing wild geese.

And every time I tried to listen to a book or music someone called me.

Those phone calls usually led to me having to make follow-up calls.

That sent me to voicemail.

So that people would call me back when I tried to listen to things.

It was exhausting.

My brain is mush.

It’s way too early in the week to be this drained.

Hopefully the ice storm comes in and makes me stay home for a few days.

Not like knocks the power out, but just ices the roads up.

As long as I have power I can go out to my studio and crank the heat up so as to escape the other people trapped at my house.

If the power goes out, I’m spending my time clearing the ice off the driveway with a butterknife.

I’ll get my quiet time one way or another.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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