Wait, What?


February 23, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

What do you mean porn isn’t real sex? You mean it’s like professional wrestling?!

Happy Duchess Day!

I know.

It’s crazy.

I remembered a holiday.

Today’s theme is: surprise.


I wait behind that door all the time.

Yesterday was a grumpy day.

I woke up grumpy.

I worked out grumpy.

I made breakfast grumpy.

I went to work grumpy.

You get the idea.


All day.

It really is a testament to… whatever it is… that I don’t flip shit on people all the time.

Maybe it’s just resignation to impending doom.

That’s probably it.


Yesterday was a long and frustrating day.

So, I’m grumpy.

33-50% of my household is sloughing off their uterine lining.

One person spent yesterday barfing.

And one person only notices the world around them when I unplug the cable modem.

We are a barrel of joy.

Maybe we should all lock ourselves in the house together for today due to winter weather.

Great plan.


Wish us luck.

See ya’ tomorrow.


More soon. ~SC


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