Wrap It Tight.


March 9, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

But not too tight.

Today’s theme is: bulb.


That’s the lightbulb that Jitterbug accidentally melted a rubber lizard onto and then we turned it into nightmare art to commemorate the time she almost killed her parents by nearly catching the house on fire with a rubber lizard.

I was going to be holding an onion, but I chopped it up for tacos a couple of days ago.

Yesterday was a lot less crazy than Monday.

It had its moments, but wasn’t wall-to-wall with madness.

There were a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches though.

I was ready to go to sleep around 8pm.

But we worked out then instead.

It’s almost like my days have just been turned on their heads.

I showered after dinner, before we worked out, because I wouldn’t have competition for the hot water.

Everyone was like “You’re gonna be sweaty and then get into bed?”

Yeah motherfucker.

I am.

It’s not like I am bundled up in my soft clothes shivering all night.

I sleep in my underpants pouring sweat under a single blanket.

All night.

Every night.

What’s a 45 minute workout in a 40 degree Fahrenheit garage gonna bring to the table?

Not much.

That’s what.

If anything it helped me sleep a little better.

That whole completely wearing myself out right before bed thing.

Today is Wednesday.

It may be quiet?

I have no fucking idea.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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