Having “Wiener Blut” Stuck In Your Head.


April 23, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

And being memzerized by it.

Today’s theme is: game.


I feel like UNO should have a solitaire option.

Yesterday was completely normal and boring.

I did round the day out by watching last Saturday’s Sporting Kansas City match against LAFC.

It could’ve ended far worse for us than it did.

Jitterbug’s opinion was that there wasn’t enough kissing.

Today is another futbol day.

Aldis the Goldenboy has a match this morning.

I am an assistant referee on a match this afternoon.

And hopefully I’ll get to watch the match between SKC and Columbus Crew this evening.

Tomorrow I have another game to AR for.

Weather permitting.

Other than that, this weekend will be spent puttering around the house.

And maybe napping?

See ya’ on Monday.

More soon. ~SC


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