Scairs Are Starey.


April 4, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

And other tips of the slongue.

Saturday morning I went to my soccer referee field session.

For 4 hours I ran drills, answered questions, asked questions, pretended to be a soccer player, whipped flags around, tooted my whistle, and ran in weird intervals.

And then the state director of instruction for the Arkansas board of soccer referees gave me my badge.

I’m an official official.


I then did a victory lap tooting my whistle throughout the house.

At which point Jitterbug put me to work mucking out in the studio building.

“Enough tooting, mister. Get to mucking.”

Then we actually bought takeout, which is rare in our world, and had a feast of Vietnamese food for dinner.

Not a bad way to spend our second wedding anniversary, if I do say so.

Yesterday’s theme was: restrain.


I use those cohesive bandages to restrain my planter fascia from grinding against my heel spur when I’ve been on my feet, especially running, for long periods of time.

We spent the majority of the day just sitting back and enjoying how beautiful of a day it was.

I read a couple of books.

And drank some coffee.

And ordered myself a bunch of soccer referee kit and accessories.

Today’s theme is: machinery.


That’s my print studio.

Full of the machines that I used to have time to play with.

I won’t get to spend any time up there today.

Because I have to take a client’s car to the dealership today.

In Texas.

And then fly home this evening.

Because I love my job.

No two days are ever the same.

So I have my bag packed with comics, snacks, and coffee.

My headset is charged and ready to crank through some audiobooks.

Let’s do this shit.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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