Things Accelerating Quickly.


April 22, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

And keeping up with a million things at a time.

Today’s theme is: jam.


There’s a lot of jam eating that happens in my house.

And jelly.

And preserves.

Never a compote though.

An occasional chutney.

Remember that time I made red onion chutney?

That shit was so fucking good.

Yesterday was a long one.

I did all the normal Thursday shit.

And I finished building all the basketball goals.

8 goals are now built and waiting for the tournament.

After work it was a dash around to pick up kids and feed people and get ready for the sports.

I was supposed to be shadowing a referee at the soccer games, but I had a feeling that he might want me to be pretty involved.

So I wore my gear and brought my jersey in my equipment bag.

Just in case.

And it’s a good thing that I did.

I was supposed to shadow a ref running a U11-U12 game.

But then the ref switched with another ref and he ended up reffing a U9-U10 game.

So I was going to shadow his second game, but since he switched he didn’t have a second game.

So I went back to the original game with the different ref.

That ref happens to be the ref that I will be an assistant for this weekend, so I ended up practicing being an AR for that ref.

And the ref I was supposed to shadow stayed and watched me be an AR for the other ref.

He was able to give me real time feedback on my reffing.

It was pretty awesome.

So I reffed my first game, unofficially, last night.

I say unofficially because I wasn’t on the roster and didn’t get paid.

I did however make calls that actually impacted the game.

So I was sort of an unofficial official.

I got to call my first offsides.

The main ref didn’t see it and I did and I flagged it and my mentor ref told me that it was a great call.

It was a pretty nice moment for me.

I was told during all my training that you have to watch everything all at once as a ref.

I got to experience that last night.

And it was a lot.

As an AR you have to keep pace with the second to last defender, keep track of who put the ball out of bounds on your touchline/goalline, watch for fouls, make sure no one engages the ball while offsides, keep up with which team is going which direction, remember and execute the correct signals with your flag, constantly watch your center ref, keep an eye for substitute players, and run back and forth along the side of the field while not trampling players/coaches/fans.

All at the same time.

It’s pretty intense.

I’ll get used to it.

Or I won’t and they’ll never ask me to ref anything.

Either way I now own a bunch of cool whistles.

So it’s a win for me.

My first take on reffing?

I’m into it.

Ask me again after this weekend.

Today is Friday.

And I have some stuff to do.

Not a lot.

But enough to prevent me from napping the morning away.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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