Finding Your Groove.


May 30, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

With your baked beans recipe.


What weekend?

Saturday went as expected.

We marched around in a swamp playing disc golf for about two and a half hours.

Then I came home, ate a bite, and got to weed destroying.

I did that until I go too hot.

Then I cooled down and rested.

And then destroyed some more weeds.

After a shower and dinner I settled in to watch SKC fail to score a goal against Vancouver.

It would’ve been a a nil-nil draw if we hadn’t given them an unlucky penalty kick.

So it goes.

The rest of the household is still hanging out at the top of league as I just sink slowly to the bottom.

I wish I could say that I’m surprised, but I’ve always been bad luck for sports teams.

It’s why I love West Bromwich Albion so much.

Yesterday’s theme was: radio.


I replaced the belt on the mower.

Then I mowed for like half and hour.

That was when one of my blades split in half and flew out from under the mower.

I didn’t notice at first so I kept going.

I saw the blade pieces after another lap or four.

Then Beatle Sue made us dinner.

Today’s theme is: hip.


I’m going to take this Monday holiday and replace the blades on my mower.

And then mow the yard some more.

And weed destroy.

And maybe start a fire.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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