Karma Sutra.


May 6, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

The many positions in which you’ll get what’s coming to you.

Today’s theme is: kit.


That’s my ref kit.

I only have yellow jerseys so far.

Eventually I’ll have different colors.


Yesterday was one of those days that’s supposed to be stupid busy and stressful and turns into a day of waiting around for deliveries at a client’s house.

All day.

So I started Ted Lasso.


People keep telling me to watch it.

And given how futbol-y my life has become I figured it would be appropriate.

Especially since it was rainy and I kept trying to fall asleep from reading.

So far, it’s really good shit.

Also, I’m trying to encourage the other members of my house to get into MLS with me.

I’m working on getting them to each pick a team to follow.

I’m considering offering a cash prize to which ever team ends up at the top of the league.

Or maybe I’ll take them to a real game as the prize.

Have a day trip with just one of the kids.

Making a memory or whatever.


I’m really going to need it to stop raining and for the sun to shine and the wind to blow.

The soccer fields are a swamp and I have four games this weekend.

One watching, three reffing.

Aren’t you so thrilled that this has become my soccer diary?

It’s so cool.

I know.

All right.

I have to make some more coffee and get to work.

See ya’ tomorrow.

For soccer.

More soon. ~SC


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