Tune In.


May 31, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

Turn off.


Today’s theme is: revival.


Remember that time I had a revival in the Year of Songs?

Six years ago.

What the fuck?!

Yesterday we spent the Monday holiday working in the yard.

All day.

I finished weed destroying the front of the hill.

Then I changed the blades out on the mower.

And mow the side yard.

And the back yard.

And the back back yard.

It was later than I expected when I got done with that so I opted against the fire making.

It was also a bit too windy for my neighbor’s taste when it comes to my fire making.

All that smoke and flying embers.

Buncha babies.

Today is whatever day it is.

And I’ve got stuff to do for work.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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