In Need of Pacification.


August 1, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

In a big way.

This weekend flew by.

I spent Saturday working on stuff around the house.

Steadily growing more tired and grumpy as the day progressed.

I finally gave up on being awake when Cam Duke got a red card right before halftime in the SKC match against Austin.

Austin immediately scored and I just turned off the match and went to bed.

I was expecting it to be a rough match.

Austin is second in the standings and we are in last place.

But I just couldn’t stand the nut-punch in my morale after such a tiring day.

I was genuinely surprised when I checked the score Sunday morning that Austin only scored two goals.

I expected five at least.

Sunday’s theme was: drum.


That’s me playing the pity drum at my loser party.

I spent Sunday tidying up some of the messes I started on Saturday.

Today’s theme is: clarify.


Allow me to clarify something I said in Saturday’s post.

I really do think you’re all trash.

But I’m not excluding myself from the “all humans are trash” conversation.

I’m garbage too.

It’s okay.

I’ve accepted it.

You should too.

It’s way less stressful.

I am going to work now.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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