Daily Photos – 2018


Welcome to year 10 of the Daily Photos.

This year, the Council of Henry presents…

 The Seven Deadly Themes!

Here’s how it works. There will be seven mystery themes that run the course of 2018. One theme per day of the week. So every Monday of 2018 will be theme 1, every Tuesday will be theme 2, etc.

Each day of the week is assigned a sponsoring member of the Council of Henry.

The sponsors and their days are as follows:

Monday – Great Scott  Theme: “Alone/Isolated/Hidden”

Tuesday – Jitterbug  Theme: “Time”

Wednesday – Little Miss Cotton  Theme: “Skin”

Thursday – the Blacksmith  Theme: “Curves”

Friday – J-Bird  Theme: “Glass”

Saturday – Janie J  Theme: “Red”

Sunday – Dave  Theme: “3”

It is your job to try and figure out what the mystery themes are. Once someone guesses the theme correctly, that person wins the prize donated by the sponsor of that day.

You may be wondering what happens if no one guesses the theme. Well kids, then I win the prize. You didn’t think this was going to be easy did you? That’s right dear reader, you will not only be competing with each other, but you’ll be playing against me as well. This is to ensure that I don’t slack off. I’ll be bringing my A-Game. You better believe it.

Guesses may be submitted by leaving a comment on the daily post, sending an email to sandwichcontrol@gmail.com, sending me a Facebook or Instagram message. You can do it via Twitter and Tumblr, but I don’t check those very often, so they aren’t as reliable. You can call or text me if you have my number. You can send a letter or a telegram or a fucking messenger pigeon if you know my address. I don’t care. Do whatever you like.

I’m not responsible for your guesses.

If I don’t acknowledge the receipt of a guess, I either am too busy to reply to a lowly peck like you or I didn’t get your guess due to my strenuous SPAM filters. So follow up on that shit.

Now the rules.

  1. Only one guess per person per theme per day.
  2. Only one prize per winner. You can’t win them all. Save some for everyone else you greedy fucks.
  3. You are welcome to help other people win.

For questions or clarifications, please email me. (sandwichcontrol@gmail.com like it says in the paragraph above, ya’ dingus.)

Now, without further ado, let the games begin!


Monday, December 31



  1. Dave says:

    Yep. So far off to a rad start. (I’m trying a new being positive kinda thing)

  2. Dave says:

    Also my first guess is Yakov Schmirnoff. That’s the theme for Mondays isn’t it? Yakov Schmirnoff. Gimme my skull.

  3. Patty Wiley says:

    My guess for Tuesday is print shop.
    A guess for Wednesday, dai!y activities

  4. Pancake Land says:

    Is Thursday’s reading? I wannnnnnt a skull!

  5. It is not. But good try. Also, only sponsors get the skulls. Winners gets the prizes.

  6. Stanley says:

    Thursday – Recipes

  7. Becky says:

    Wednesday – skin

  8. Patty Wiley says:

    Monday, outdoors or nature?

  9. Nope. But that’s a good guess!

  10. Patty Wiley says:

    Friday, eye?

  11. Nope. Good guess, though!!

  12. PancakeLand says:

    Monday’s photos are so good. It’s like Wes Anderson remade Fargo.

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