The Pathfinders


When a group of nerdy friends get together for a little role playing, comedy ensues.


Dave as Irvan Decay

Little Miss Cotton as Aleezaraiel

Back Alley Trey as Blunt Force Troma

Sandwich Control as Larry Jenkins

Oxi as Lila Ava

Furious Jessy as Moonbeam the Deathbringer

Jackie the Mick as Ländo Calrissian

and special guest the Rev. Dark Wombat as the Game Master

Episode Twenty Five

Episode Twenty Four

Episode Twenty Three

Episode Twenty Two

Episode Twenty One

Episode Twenty

Episode Nineteen

Episode Eighteen

Episode Seventeen

Episode Sixteen

Episode Fifteen

Episode Fourteen

Episode Thirteen

Episode Twelve

Episode Eleven

Episode Ten

Episode Nine

Episode Eight

Episode Seven

Episode Six Part Three

Episode Six Part Two

Episode Six Part One

Episode Five Part Three

Episode Five Part Two

Episode Five Part One

Episode Four Part Four

Episode Four Part Three

Episode Four Part Two

Episode Four Part One

Episode Three Part Three

Episode Three Part Two

Episode Three Part One

Episode Two Part Two

Episode Two Part One

Episode One – We Find the Path


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