Things You Can Buy Me


…Just in Case You Need To Get Me Something.

A Master of Puppets t shirt (medium) 12/25/13 Gift from the royal family of Lippincottonia.

Topeca Coffee (Ayutepeque Blend, preferably)

A Mansion Staffed with Servants

Any of the Re-released Tom Waits Vinyl (I have Mule Variations, Real Gone, One from the Heart, Glitter and Doom Live, and Blue Valentine)

The Beastie Boys Anthology on Vinyl

Letterpress Equipment (Type, quoins, furniture, etc.)

More Hours in the Day

The Composite Acoustic’s Cargo guitar with road tuff finish

The YEE-HAW press “Pork Cuts” and/or any of the Storetry posters  – bought it for myself

This Metallica pinball machine.

A go-kart.

A sausage pizza. Maybe with jalapeños.

A Black Sabbath t-shirt that isn’t lame. 10/25/14 Gift from Teacher Sis.

The Unseen Library Edition Terry Pratchett books.

Glass bottle sodas.

For more ideas, please visit “My Wish List” in the Links section.


  1. reba says:

    i am so excited to find this i think you are funny and smart.

  2. reba says:

    by the way i also know jacky of the jewish mother server. she is my friend and yoga teacher.

  3. Dave says:

    Dibs on the pizza, I gotchoo when I get Fortside.

  4. Teacher Sis says:

    You can mark off the BS shirt now… No one can beat me.

  5. courtney says:

    this list !!

  6. Jellybeans says:

    Just wanted to say you’re pretty great. Found your site while high. I laughed till I cried.

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