Remember That One Time When You Got Really Drunk…


May 27, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

Well kids, it is Friday once again. That means my new article is up on the City Wire. If you would like to read it, click here: Twin Burger. If you would not like to read it, click here: Triplet Burger. Alternately, you can look at this sculpture of a Narwhal that is in our local library. Awesome.

Operation B doesn’t want to get up this morning. There is only one thing for it, right Dave?

Last night, Pancake Land, White Chocolate, and I sat around telling drunk stories on each other. Apparently, I can’t really remember any good drunk stories about myself. There was the first Playaz Ball, and the “My Babies!” night, and the Viking hammer night, and the sleepy time leggy dance party night, but that’s about it. I think. Anyways, it was all fun and games until, somehow, it was revealed that Pancake Land had once declared that she could never date someone who didn’t love Keith Sweat.

PL: “You love Keith Sweat, right babe?”

me: “Of course.”

So, I lied. So what? Apparently, that was Pancake Land’s cue to listen to Keith Sweat, is what. It all culminated with this:

On a more upsetting note, we think Kingston is getting sick. He has been just lying around the past couple of days and now he has leaky face. He is still eating and using the shitbox, but he isn’t playing or anything. Pancake Land is very distressed. She did nurse back to life when he was only a wee bit, so naturally she is very attached to him. I think she is going to take him to the vet today if he doesn’t start playing with Eazy. You know it is bad sign when the fat cat is more playful than you are.

On slightly more odd note, having Operation B around the house for the past few weeks has really opened our eyes to how far removed from future generations, i.e. our own unborn children, me and Pancake Land are. I mean, we are already 30 years older than our unborn babies and try explaining to any current High School student that you were alive before cell phones, and the innernet, and the Facebook. They look at you like an insane person. And that is now. Wait 15 years from now. Jeezus, we’ll be dinosaurs. I mean, I’ve been getting shit for the past 15 years for being an old man based on my attire and attitude toward technology and the damn kids with their rock-n-roll music, and their long hair, and their LSD. I wouldn’t say that this little revelation has completely dissuaded us from having kids, but having a lot of cats is seeming more and more like a wise decision every day.

Well, the time has come to return to laying bamboo flooring before it gets too hot. I sincerely wish that all of your ventures succeed today. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    That should do it. Get up BrainDead!!
    Also pfft kids.

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